Cardio equipment for medical wellness

RUN Med equipment adheres to the most rogorous safety standards as well as the essential requirements of TUV GM medical certification.It is an accurate tool to carry out data measurement, evaluation and recording and can be connected to external measuring devices to be guided by them through performance.

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Excite Med products have been developed to provide accurate tools for stress testing, assessment and rehabilitation purposes.

They offer the ideal solution for both medical use and for clubs that are keen to differentiate themselves by providing an advanced testing service.


The gas-assisted technology facilitates the setting of the height and width of the supports.
Extremely robust, they support up to 400 lbs weight.


When positioned at the back of Run Med, it makes entry and exit even more simple.
The design of the step follows that of the equipment and, At the time of installation, the Rear Step and the treadmill are joined together.


They offer a firm and ergonomic support to users of all sizes (also for Paediatric use) and limited mobility, without obstructing the training space.
The adjustable handrails enable different positions and by extending out over the back of the equipment they provide support during entry and exit from the treadmill.

The ability to follow working instructions issued by external devices and to interface with them.
Technogym® has developed Run Med and Bike Med so that doctors, physiotherapists and sport trainers may have at their disposal intelligent and reliable equipment to carry out data measurement, evaluation and recording when running Stress Tests and VO2max Tests.
Run Med and Bike Med can be connected to external measuring devices.
Excite Med equipment is compatible with ECGs and Metabographs of main producers by interfacing with Trackmaster, Cardioline and C-Safe protocols.

CARDIOMEMORY is a software application developed by Technogym® for the detailed analysis of client aerobic capacity.

Due to its capability of interfacing with Run Med and Bike Med it enables real time acquisition, visualisation and storing of all data relevant to tests or training sessions.

This Wellness System Compatible software enables a wide range of functions providing a useful tool also for client relationship management (CRM) and health profile management:

  • Management of client personal information database
  • Analysis of training results trends
  • Report processing with visual graphics, evaluations and benchmarking
  • Customisable printouts
  • Data from tests and training sessions can be exported for processing by other software (i.e. Excel).

Run Med and Bike Med are able to interface with the most popular external testing instruments for Stress Testing (ECG) and Maximal Oxygen Consumption (Metabograph).

Excite Med products adhere to the most rigorous safety standards, as well as the essential requirements of TÜV GM certification. TÜV, CE and UL markings are the
best guarantee of safety and prevention for operators and users alike.

This software package comes with every Excite Med product.

It is the 'intelligent' solution for clubs, sporting teams, rehabilitation clinics and for facilities that require an effective but easy-to-use tool for real-time monitoring of training and testing.

Med Excite equipment provides an extensive library of Maximal, Sub Maximal and Military tests.

The variety and versatility of test formats enable assessment of each client with the most appropriate tool for their condition and needs.

The versatility of the equipment software enables doctors, physiotherapists and sport trainers to devise and implement - in real time - a wide range of test protocols and
personalised training routines that can also be stored within the equipment memory.

The availability of specific accessories for each product enhances the rehabilitation potential of the Excite Med line.

Run Med and Bike Med are part of the Excite family, the most innovative cardio line on the market.

As such, they are extremely durable pieces of equipment developed to undergo high levels of use. Although sturdy during use, they are surprisingly quiet.

  • Sub Maximal Tests: 3
  • Running Surface (Width) (mm | in): : 520
  • Running Surface (Length) (mm | in): : 1520
  • Maximal Tests: 8
  • Max speed (km/h | mph) : : 25
  • Length (mm | in): : 2190
  • Height (mm | in): : 1500
  • Total Number of Programmes: 15
  • Weight (kg | lb): : 195
  • Width (mm | in): : 940

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