Experience the benefits of a different cardio workout. More complete, natural, and enjoyable.

With Crossover, the latest from the Excite+ line, you can experience a new kind of movement that is revolutionary in every sense.

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With Crossover, you can:

  • Try a new training experience
    thanks to a movement that involves muscles that aren't usually engaged through traditional cardiovascular exercise

  • Optimize balance and coordination

    experimenting with a new workout on a moving surface that will take you through the three planes of motion

  • Train your whole body

    on easy-to-use equipment thanks to the convergent lateral movement that simultaneously works the upper and lower parts of your body


Live the experience of a new movement. 

Crossover moves each and every part of you.

Experience the next generation of “Lateral Total Body” training that simultaneously works the legs and gluteus in addition to the arms and the core stabilization muscles. Discover the revolution of a workout that moves every part of you.

Let yourself go

Crossover guides your movement and enables you to enjoy an exciting, smooth and fun workout. Let a new feel guide you.

Simple and intuitive

Easy to use and enjoyable, it’s intuitive and suitable for any user and delivers so many benefits. Whatever your level of fitness, with Crossover you'll enjoy a whole new experience.

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