BIKE Med equipment adheres to the most rigorous safety standards as well as the essential requirements of the TـV


GM medical certification. It is an accurate tool for carrying out data measurement, evaluation and recording. It can also

interface with and be controlled by external devices, such as ECG and Gas Analyzers.

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Bike Med is equipped with special training functions that are highly recommended for rehabilitation and sport training purposes:

  • Constant Speed.
    This resistance mode ensures that equipment resistance matches effort at all times by adjusting resistance to variations of user’s force output.
  • Constant Power.
    This resistance mode ensures that desired work rates are constantly maintained by varying equipment resistance in proportion to user’s speed.

Seat position and height can be adjusted by means of a horizontal stepless adjustment bar and a micro-adjustable seat clamp (15 mm thread instead of standard 25 ).
This combined adjustment guarantees the perfect alignment of seat and pedals to improve performance and accommodate those with limited range of motion.

The pedal cranks are adjustable in 0.1" increments (2.5mm), from 6.4" to 7.1

Patients with limited knee flexion capacities can start their training program earlier because the adjustable pedal cranks allow a complete pedal revolution with a maximum knee flexion of 80-90 degrees (standard pedal crank lengths require 105 to 115 degrees).
This limited ROM functionality helps rehabilitation patients protect reconstructed ligaments and avoid painful movements.

  • Height (mm | in): : 1500 | 59
  • Length (mm | in): : 1100 | 43
  • Maximum user weight (kg) : : 180
  • Weight (kg | lb): : 150 | 330
  • Width (mm | in): : 520 | 21

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