TOP 700

EXCITE™ Top provides superior upper body training by combining shoulder, torso and core muscle strengthening with high calorie expenditure and aerobic activity.
EXCITE Top is a simple, safe, ergonomic and effective way to combine strength training with aerobic activity.

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EASE OF USE:Technical features include Telescopic Arms, Rotating Handles and Adjustable Hand Crank Height for user comfort and precise fit. A forward-backward movement allows users to achieve a more balanced workout.

ACCESSIBLE DESIGN: The Rapid Seat Release and the Integrated Platform allow the seat to be easily removed for training while standing or wheelchair access. Controls are easy to access to provide optimal use from every position (4'7" - 6'9" user height).

ERGONOMIC SEAT DESIGN:The innovative seat design, with an open angle sitting position, ensures correct posture is maintained and makes the most of upper body training by further engaging the core stabilizer muscles.

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